Hey, I’m Cara, and I believe beautiful food-based storytelling can create connection, evoke emotion,  and connect brands to customers on a human level. Most importantly, I believe that it can build a successful brand for all companies, and it can help foster sales.

As an internationally recognized food photographer, I deliver services that with that can tell your brands’ story, often in a single frame. With an impeccable eye for the smallest details and how they fit into the overarching narrative, together we’ll craft the emotion that connects you to your audience.  After more than a decade as a visual storyteller in the world of broadcast journalism, and 7 years in marketing and brand work (including creating and shooting recipes for my own successful website), the story is the foundation of my photography and videography.

If you’re interested in high-quality, visual storytelling, check out my portfolio, or shoot me an email. I’m would love to find a way to work together.

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Photo of Cara Campbell, found and photographer behind the Gourmet Studio, eating pasta straight from the pan.