Our services

The Gourmet Studio

The Gourmet Studio is a full service project management, photography, videography and marketing agency, specifically focused on food or food products. We believe that visual storytelling through recipes, scene-set up, styling, photography, videography and editing can create powerful connections between brands and their audience, leading to long-term relationships and sales.

We offer three separate products: photography, video, and recipe development. There are a myriad of ways that these services can be delivered, either in studio, on site, or any other creative ways we can think of.

About Me

After spending more than a decade in journalism, my storytelling skills lead me through every time I pick of the camera. Each detail plays a part in what we are trying to say with our images and video. What are we doing? How are we feeling? Why this spice, or this piece of cutlery? What feelings are we trying to evoke? The ability to create the narrative while still focusing on the smaller parts that give it direction set me apart.  

Studio Shooting

We connect, decide on a game-plan, and then I go away and take care of the rest. From groceries, to props, to scene styling, to shooting, to post-production, my studio is equipped with everything we need to create stunning and informative visuals. 

On-Scene Shooting

If you’re looking to highlight your brand, your company and the people and places that make it tick, I can come to you. This is particularly useful for restaurants, cafes, farming operations, or other behind-the scenes shoots. 


With more than a decade in the media industry as a broadcast journalist and videographer, I’m deeply connected with the visuals and storytelling direction needed to create compelling editorial spreads. From magazines to cookbooks to blogging, we can tell the whole story through words, visuals, sounds, and emotion. 


At The Gourmet Studio, we know that no project, no client, and no story is the same. As such, we don’t offer standardized pricing packages. However, reach out to us and we will create a custom product within your budget that brings your brand’s story to life.